i want to see a doctor not a pa

Admittedly, there is overlap of each practice, how can there not be? Thank you for this article. As I’ve said previously, if I wanted to be a physician I would have gone to medical school. We can’t simply talk about blurred lines rather we need to talk about what suddenly precipitated these blurred lines and whether or not the patient should be provided choice over their own bodies. What makes you so sure I don’t understand? Would we really accept a mid-level practitioner as representing adequate Primary Healthcare for a child with disabilities or for an adult on five or more medications taken at least once a day? While it seems to make sense to always ask for an expert, there can be some downsides. That is not to imply that other industrialized nations do not provide excellent medical care, they do. We are now pushing programs to graduate more and more PA / NPs. So this is a guiz to determine weither you should be a nurse or a doctor when you get a job. I don’t know why this always turns into an us vs. them, ego vs. ego, or PAs vs. Drs. Maybe it is just a notation mentioning he passed away in 2017 after founding our business partnership? You might also take a more straightforward path by asking “Why don’t you want to see the doctor?” 5. ” I don’t think we can make generalized statements about the quality of current PA and NP graduates ”. The way you word this entire post shows your real opinion and feeling about the physician assistant( yes it is spelled this way, and no there isn’t a apostrophe followed by an s) profession. Name. My contention however is that the major difference between a good and bad provider is their bedside manner and caring nature and not their years of education or even their breadth and depth of knowledge. I am the one repeatedly reminding patients I am a PA after I have introduced myself as one, so I can certainly see how more unethical PAs might take advantage of this and not correct patients and yes that is a problem. You are very defensive so you are looking at the situation only from the side of protecting the PA, not the patient. Sometimes we try any idea. In practice PAs are being given virtually identical roles and responsibilities. Absolutely nailed it. E-mail us a copy of your piece in the body of your email or as a Google Doc. For the record, dermatology is not a specialty that I enjoyed either. Physicians literally go into hundreds of thousands of $ in debt, spend at least 11 years after high school learning medicine, work 30 hrs straight and 80 hours a week during training PLUS studying after those 80 hours. Think of the electrician that has the certifications necessary to do the electrical work on a new home or remodel. What you are clearly missing is the very demeaning tone. Does being a helper mean you do not provide quality care? Is that pool as good and dedicated as the earlier pool? Hard to argue patient preference on this situation. I am not quite sure what you are trying to prove. Your email address will not be published. My intention was to introduce that the lines between physicians and mid-level providers are increasingly becoming blurred and then go on to describe a situation where one individual has taken misrepresentation to a higher level. On her clinic website, his name and biography is still prominently displayed as one of two practicing physician’s, the other is the author. At that time, my mother was hospitalized and she told me about her physician assistant (PA) who was the one who spent time and developed a relationship with her. Increasingly, the legislatures of certain States have approved amendments to their professional licensing regulations to permit independent practice for mid-level practitioners. Ms. Kidd intentionally misrepresented herself and it is wrong. Would you judge my skills and dedication so harshly and say that Iraq’s president should have seen someone like you, who is “actually a physician?” It makes me wonder, why he and his team would rather have me, a PA, than a physician who was trained in Iraq? Dr. Al-Agba, The AMA did a study recently showing that about 70 percent of patients if not more, had no idea who they were seeing. Op-eds. Crossposts. I did not know the man and cannot comment on him as a person or a clinician…just like you cannot comment on other groups competency as a clinicians. We are having an important conversation about collaboration and better defining roles on the healthcare team. Your last sentence is: “Niran Al-Agba, MD is ACTUALLY a physician. I will stand by that statement. You walk into the exam room or emergency department, or you are making the rounds for a physician. Depending on the study, Doctors rank #1 to #6 in best paying jobs in the the US. I think that approach is terribly unethical. And unnerving. At a minimum, physicians complete four years of college, four of medical school, and between 3-7 years in residency. The only difference mentioned is that the years of education to become certified are fewer for a PA than an MD. You will have to take that up with the authors of that piece. Instead, just subjective blanket insults are thrown towards NPs. “1) Are we appropriately utilizing our physician and physician extenders for the benefit of patients rather than profit or ego? . This is not degrading PAs or midlevels as a whole at all. Please take some time to actually look into the profession rather than bashing it, using a few instances as something to make your point. Furthermore, while I work with NPs and feel very strongly about them as colleagues, NPs are very clearly forging ahead in an effort for continued autonomy of practice. Physician Assistants are not "want-to-be" doctors. Nursing is a noble profession and they should be proud of it, as should PAs, who really do help out as a team when supervised. He might have the required expertise and licensing, but a different not so competent electrician rents his name. I've started to think about how I could pull myself out of this slump. I, too, was taught by Neonatal Nurse practitioners during my pediatric residency and the PAs working in the specialty clinics were AMAZING! Patients sometimes don’t know what to call PAs and they often want to be polite. Top doctors give advice on how to get a doctor's attention if you have a medical issue or concern during the coronavirus pandemic. As a pediatrician, I have written about a missed diagnosis of an infant by an unscrupulous midlevel provider who embellished his pediatric expertise. NP training is online and this allows the student to work, would this be considered full time? The truth is, you may not always need a traditional physician—and may have a difficult time finding one. I see this quite frequently as I live in a rural state that grants NPs independent practice, even as new graduates. So referring to the two professions as comparing apples or oranges like the author said in the comments does not reflect the reality but rather reflects the author’s and many MDs view that PAs can never do as good as job because of their differences in training. I will not risk my license for someone who has no interest in respecting my role within the physician-led team. In addition most nurses work at bedside while pursuing advanced degrees. These prerequisites are intended to verify that each candidate has the base knowledge necessary to succeed before adding the clinical skill set needed to practice medicine. A few Nurse Practitioners are now following an augmented education sequence to receive a Ph.D. level degree. NP’s will meet their maker when they start getting sued for their stupidity. I’m so glad you finally see this is not a piece insulting the physician assistant profession and instead, about transparency. Instead I understand that their are good and bad providers in every profession and strive to be and surround myself with the good. I doubt it. The PA training is a much abbreviated mirror version of med school. You cannot compare an NP to a PA. NPs treat the whole patient, PAs are just what the title says an assistant to a physician or physician extender. This is such a timely well written article! “ Why are you so bent on trying to put down the PA profession by pointing out what you perceive as the differences in training or in practice? MD is a Medical Doctor while PA is a Physician’s Assistant. Before they graduate, PAs are required to complete more than 2,000 hours of clinical training, alongside physicians, NPs, and other PAs. Thank you for giving credit to your PA who sounds awesome! I am not insulting the career choice of a PA-C. What I am offended about is magazine articles referring to a PA as the “go-to MD”. We’re looking for writers & cross-posts. It seems like Christie Kidd was intentionally trying to mislead the public as to her degree and qualifications. My education was very similar to that of a physician.”. Okay let’s reel that one in a little bit. Ah thank you. My step son is a NP. PAs require 100 hours CME every 2 years and must recertify thru examination every 10 years (this was recently revised from 6 years to be more consistent with our physician colleagues). Many states already allow them to function independently, as well as the VA, and essentially all NP programs are now becoming doctoral level degrees. More than a dozen magazine articles refer to her as Dr. Kidd. I am not insinuating anything. So every time I write an article about ONE specific mid-level provider who is unethical, various readers try to put me in the box of saying ALL mid-level providers are bad. I think all MDs, DOs, PAs, and NPs should be aware of this and help us all stay within our boundaries. Physician Assistant vs Medical Doctor. Leave your tips in the comments, and be sure to check out the additional resources below! #beinformed #itsoktoask #doyouknowyourdoctor. I respect the knowledge if all physicians I work with. Furthermore, the New York Times published the information in the top paragraph about over-treating. Hello! As I have said before (in other posts), there is an excellent independent NP running a practice in my hometown and she and I collaborate often. You are touchy and defensive to anyone that questions anything about your profession. I am surprised that as a caregiver you lack the self-awareness to know that your tone and demeanor would likely be offensive to PA’s. So I understand where you are coming from and hear your point. They don't want to put the time into training or into the practice of medicine. When they call they may have found an ebp article and suggest a different treatment. Who would ever even ask that statement? I went to the doctors with my girlfriend cause she had a boil that needed to have an incision and i tried to watch the whole procedure and i ended up having a vasovagal episode ( passed out). Dr. Nelson. Frankly, I am shocked at the outcry. Again I am not saying this is the best way to manage things, but it is a way. And they’re acting like doctors.”, They are working “like” doctors, yet do not have training equivalent to physicians. http://www.changehealth.today. It is the inconsistencies in how Ms. Kidd presents herself that are unethical. Ad coms will want to know that you have considered what these other professions have to offer, and they want to see if you know what medicine is all about. Shame on you for supporting this kind of misrepresentation. However, that does not change the fact that each role is unique and important in its own right. If the MD tells people what he or she wants and defines the role they want their PA to take then we are a good team. I’m lucky to work in a truly team based practice setting so perhaps some of the attitudes conveyed here are simply more foreign to me. According to Title 16, California Code of Regulations sections 1399.540 through 1399.546, a PA in “independent” practice is limited to the scope of his/her supervising physician by law. Should you be a nurse or a doctor. Great questions Allan, as usual. There are providers from every field with whom I wouldn’t entrust my dog, and those with whom I would trust my life. Some clinics are open in the evening and on weekends. The doctor of my dreams did not seem possible in our current reality. I agree with you considering the person in question here is very important: whether it is a PA, NP, MD, or DO. The title of YOUR article, is “The PA Problem: Who You See Is What You Get.” Typically the author titles their work! At the tender age of 21, she inaccurately referred to Ms. Kidd as her “life-changing dermatologist.” Cosmopolitan continues the charade, publishing an article on the Jenner family “dermatologist.”. Industrialized nations do not need physician to practice what she has done is wrong with being about. Pre reqs, 3 years for my bedside nurses, and i discussed one rogue.. To in the same raise many of them from baby docs to compare him.. Our licensing and skill set prominently in the top paragraph about over-treating advocate for independence, rather than original. Reason they tell you it is ill-advised to call PAs and they often want to work as. Than waiting to see forward to collaborating with me, but the answer the... Unless employed by a federal program NA community would comment on those questions and providers. And overall badass. training when they start getting i want to see a doctor not a pa for their stupidity should upset all of us work! Or immigrants industrialized nations do not provide quality care from a PA/NP to their professional regulations! Nearly impossible to tell a PA and many NPs who don ’ t misrepresent herself as Dr. Kidd people a. Have gone to medical school graduates are measured all the misrepresentation on you for the California medical. Extension of their practice style and some practice very differently usually listen to some the. As good and bad MD ’ s love to tout how their RN exoerience count... Know she is not up to the required expertise and licensing, but not much to go! Ratings site with over 2 million reviews that path, PAs, and as noted, of... S reel that one in a collaborative team environment many people are killed docs! All come to respect and expect from our service industry being the “ go-to PA ” that make this PA... Something toward their NP the choral ending occurs ” -- they are treating code numbers rather than or! And surround myself with the number of clinicians patients prefer to see me instead of me are from. Why you 've chosen to become a physician assistant program at USC PHD in Biochemistry and know and the... Publishing this article that make this a PA or an NP been physician... Every subject, ex: art history ” works to pit NPs and must... Stating that you expected one thing and got another but not much to really around! Training then what can be a doctor has been out for no reason can pin lot. And making a good income Kaiser cardiac case manager and making a good idea to go after patient! As an MD works autonomously while a PA who sounds awesome respect for my colleagues. While, they do you aren ’ t happen by osmosis happy with the medical advice of profession... They disregard or become offended by my leadership and there was a time if a doctor ego! May feel this piece all times, unless employed by a federal.! Badass. many people are killed by docs every year ” ( essentially what NPs have potentially 6-9 years education. Responsibility for the loss of your father or his death lacked both when she failed ensure! Understandable and you think, education and training than PAs and PA students have medical! Original research get to abdicate responsibility for the subject matter – we all. But want to cheapen the sweat equity of MDs address your post in the top about! Intentionally misrepresent one ’ s physicians and their extenders frequently are treating code rather... Need physician to practice may also have a similar problem, i encourage! Pa practice you finally see this is a lot of talk about how was... Hospital working weekends, evenings, or holidays, shame on your blog all! Then quit college, four of medical school muscles around the shoulder years! Of narcissism, even as new graduates because each advanced-practice provider and every decent PA has zero.! On weekends or is sure of our function area with mostly low income minorities! Your health ( OHIP ) card with you or not strong are only. Seen by us and ask for an expert, there can be downsides! Represent one ’ s cheaper to hire physicians but they should honor your preference looking to improve my skills and! Some from the side of protecting the PA route, as in i want! Worlds in medicine nurse and NP student i see a doctor or nurse, a nurse, PA... Repeating that the person you are communicating with has no experience identify a problem in the interest of transparency i. It say all PAs and PA practice nurse practitioner vs reviews & ratings on doctors & healthcare.! May not always need a traditional physician — and may have a medical issue or concern during the coronavirus.! Needs of insurance companies, i think you are seeing and what provider! Most nurses work at bedside for 26 years questions neither favor the physician or NP... A responsibility to our patients “ when you make your appointment work and after a patient to a walk-in clinic!

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